Let's let the families do the talking...

Your program is such a powerfully encouraging and supportive place.
Never have we experienced a place that embraces people—just as they are—and celebrates them wholeheartedly in all of their genius.
The way this develops self-esteem, confidence, social skills and fun is miraculous.
Excellent program with fabulous results! My daughter learned team work, group and individual responsibility. Mostly she learned to have enormous fun and to be intensely emotionally involved. Her confidence in her ability just soared.
What a magical, magical place. You guys really have a gift.
My son had such a wonderful experience at camp. It has been so nice to see him so excited each morning to get there. He has done nothing except talk about his day. It’s helped him see himself as smart, creative, and part of a community. Thank you!
Camp Equinox opens up kids to their own awesomeness.
My daughter had a couple of socially difficult school years and just knowing she would be going to camp in the summer where she could feel good about herself got her through those times. She credits Camp Equinox with her strong feelings of self-confidence and self-respect.

And from the campers themselves...

During the year who I am gets all jumbled up. I come back here and remember who I’m supposed to be.
I would not be who I am today without camp. It’s really special here. At school there’s a lot of negativity pushing me to be someone they want me to be. Then I got here and I thought, “Oh look they think I’m great as I am!”
The only way I can explain it is this is my Hogwarts. You know when Harry found it and he didn’t want to ever leave? Like that.